Silage Round baler machine DH-5652

Metal baler,baler machine,mini round hay baler for sale

1.Our this hay crop bundling machine is include the feeder , bundling rope ,hydraulic ,electric 

equipment ,five parts . Suitable for processingthe native grass ,wheet straw, straw,legume 

stalk. the machine can achieve the collecting and feeding ,bundling ,pressing ,packing ,

off-loading etc .

2.The bundled hay corn is tight outside ,loose inside ,good breathability .

3.Hanging automatic pick-up balers our farmers according to the requirements and expertise combined with similar products, and improved by a new type of universal automatic feed pickup balers.

4.It can automatically pick up forage, balers and put the bundle, it is capable of a variety of wheat straw, rice straw, forage baling operation, matching power 18-50 horsepower four-wheel tractors, mainly by the pick of the crop, grass playing roller chain wheel drive mechanism, rope box, lead wire rod and warning devices, hydraulic control mechanism and other components. 

Main Feature:

1) It adopts the driving type of hydraulic control, power start.

2) Reasonable structure, reliable performance, flexible operation, high output.

3) Don’t need silage pool, save space

4) Only need 2-3 workers to operate the machine

5) Long storage period(usually 2-3years)

6) Automatic operation, easy to move.

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