Mini Oil Press Machine DH-30

    oil press can be cold pressed and hot pressed, not only suitable for a variety of raw materials. Such as: sunflower seeds, rapeseed, peanut, sesame, soybeans, walnuts, linen,etc.This is a small home oil press, is the indispensable household kitchen oil equipment

Model :DH-30 Mini

Brand : Daohang

Power: 200W

Motor: 180W

Capacity : 2-3KG/h

Color :White

Material: carbon

Voltage :220V/50HZ

Net Weight :13KG

Dimension: 520*170*210mm

  1. Kitchen is not only beautiful, and very practical, can make all kinds of oilseeds cooking oil.

  2. easy clean, easy operation.

  3. this machine can cold press and hot press . 

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