Silage Baler Machine

1.This machine with advanced design and structure, processing high quality round bales.

2.It is consist of main machine, pickup part.compress rolls,automatic blinding hay bales,hydraulic pressure ejection system, three point linkage etc.It can move and work with a 20-50HP

3. The whole working progam is successive, accurate and reliable, the bundled round,grass bales compact outside and loose inside and has good air permeability.

4. The machine is suitable for baling of hay,grass,wheat,silage,and other materials, such as straw ,etc.

5.It can resist wind, rain and snow. under open storage and is convenient for long-term storage and long distance transportation.This is a great significance to the prompt harverst of pasture in agricultural and pastoral areas.the efficitive use of crop stalks as well as the disaster countering and livestock protection.

Main Feature:

1) It adopts the driving type of hydraulic control, power start.

2) Reasonable structure, reliable performance, flexible operation, high output.

3) Don’t need silage pool, save space

4) Only need 2-3 workers to operate the machine

5) Long storage period(usually 2-3years)

6) Automatic operation, easy to move.

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