Grass Film

Main Feature:

Grass Bale Wrapping Green Silage Wrap Film


 Silage film is an agricultural film used in farmland for protection and storage of forage, silage, hay and maize in areas where the growth period of herding grass is relatively short. Bundling of silage using tacky films helps in transportation and delivery. 

Silage films act as greenstore since it keeps the forage under an optimum humidity condition to facilitate controlled anaerobic fermentation. 

Application :

width: 25CM;

Longth: 2000M;

Net weight: 10KG/bundle 

packing weight: 12.5KG

how many packing  bags with one bundle?


Main Advantage:

To make good quality silage it is important that good quality materials and equipment are used and clearly that includes choosing the right silage film. Stretch film bale wrap should meet several key requirements:

  • Consistent quality and thickness

  • Good stretch properties even in warm weather

  • No tendency of “windowing” when being stretched

  • Good cling between layers

  • Puncture resistance

  • Retention of strength over many months in the open

  • Impermeability to air and moisture

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