DH-60 New type large Scale Screw Oil press machine with oil filter

1.This kind  of  screw oil presser can be used  to  squeeze peanut,soybean,rapeseed and soybean, sesame,sunflower, flax seeds and so on.

2.This machine is mainly  composed of  feed hopper,pressing cage,screw shaft,grar box,frame and other parts.

3.Energy is converted into heat energy, make the oil squeeze out gradually; oil cake is out from the rack.

4.Oil from the hopper to squeeze chamber,continuing to promote, extrusion,flip, friction and squeezing mechanical.

5.This machine with double bucket, and has the function of double filtering to extract the oil is clear, spiral

High Quality oil pressing Machine:

1. High quality and best price.

2. Widely used in many materials.

3. Long service life.

4. simple design, easy to operate.

5. superior grade oil cake.

6. High productivity ,energy saving.

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